As a service based business YOU are your business, and people need to connect with you to want to work with you.

Moving beyond headshots, a personal brand photoshoot portrays YOU in depth - going behind the scenes, showing your unique personality and brand values, and giving you oodles of great visual content that you will love and want to use in your marketing.

I help service based business
owners show up in their business.

Imagine never having to spend hours hunting through stock photos again, only to find your competition is using the same one. Instead you'll have a stunning library unique like YOU.

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have fun creating authentic images that represent you, your company and your brand values.

Download your images from our online gallery and then start using them in your own marketing materials. We even provide a series of resources to make using your photos super simple.

photoshoots with us are fun and easy. Just follow the three steps below and we'll take care of everything

Often people come to me saying they just need a headshot! And for some people this is enough, but for most people, especially serviced based business owners, a simple head and shoulders shot just isn't going to cut it.

We hear all the time about showing up consistently on social media, and we all know that stunning eye catching images are needed for every post.

Having a bank of beautiful, high quality images to draw on for your website and socials will save you hours of time scrolling through stock sites trying to find the right pic (that your competition aren't already using) or trying to take the perfect selfie. 

On one of our personal branding shoots you'll have the opportunity to capture images showing what you do 'behind the scenes', showing yourself working with your clients, some of the tools of your trade, what you like to do when you're not working etc. We'll also capture a wide range of expressions, outfits and possibly multiple locations. 

Personal branding is about more than
just a headshot

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As a photographer I too work in a saturated industry and understand the importance of connection. When people like you they will listen to you, but it's only when they feel connected to you that they will work with you. Building a strong personal brand will give you the content to do this.

I've been doing photography for the last 16 years and over that time I have grown my business through building strong connections as well as delivering images that capture real moments that are relatable to your ideal clients.

I'll work with you to create the images that are authentic to you and enable people to build like, know and trust as they see you on social media, your website and the many other areas you can use your images.

Hi I'm Katrina

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